Remove toolbar icons in eclipse

When I travel I often work from my laptop which has a small screen. This can sometimes get in the way of productivity as I have to scroll more (and I generally start to doubt whether I should have bought a larger laptop). Here are a few things I do in eclipse to maximise screen real estate when working with eclipse:

Eclipse starting point

Remove unnecessary toolbars:

In eclipse I can hide the whole toolbar (especially if I have no need to change perspective).


And Hey presto! I have saved 3 rows of screen space.

However, sometimes I still need the icons. In this case I edit the toolbars that are visible.

Window > Customise Perspective…


On the right are all the toolbar icons that are displayed, simply uncheck away all the pointless toolbars and we have saved space, and while I am at it, I also close the perspectives I am not using:




Remove toolbar icons in eclipse